Server 451-511 Merge Announcement

Time: 2019-02-10 22:20

Server 451-511 Merge Announcement

We would like announce our plan to merge game servers 451-511 to enhance the activity in the older servers. The merge of servers is expected to take place on Feb 12, at 2:00-3:00 A.M. 2019. The inactive accounts will be deleted. The details are listed below.

1. Entrance

(1).Entrance: players will be still able to access your account as you used to do since the previous entrances will remain. The servers to be merged only share the data but not the entrance.

(2).Display: the data will be shared after combining servers, but the server number will remain. For instance, after combining server 1 and 2, it still announces: “S2 xxx killed cross server boss” when a player originally from S2 kill the boss.

(3).Basic Data: the basic data of characters remain. For example, combing server 1 and 2, a player made a first purchase in server 1, but in server 2. After combining, the purchase record will not change as long as you access your account through the original entrance.

2. Deleting Data                

The character will be deleted when it fulfills all of the requirements below.

(1).Character Level <= 70

(2).Haven‘t logged for last 15 days

(3).Haven’t joined a guild

(4).No top up record

3. Repeated Name

(1).Character Name: The repeated character name will be displayed as “s1. Original Name” (s1 stands for the original server number).

(2).Guild Name: The repeated Guild name will be displayed as “s1. Original Guild Name” (s1 stands for the original server number).

4. Reset Events on the combining servers


The rankings will be reordered after combining servers, including guild, PK, and other rankings. (Medal and title are not affected because of the class limitation)


The Arena will be reset and challenge log will be cleared.


The data of conquest won’t change but the new enemies from other servers will show after refreshing.


The ranking and record will be combined and reordered.


If players are not yet qualified, will use the data from the new combined servers to determine qualification.

If players are already qualified during the weekend match, then player can continue fighting as usual. The data from the new combined servers will be used for the future.

(6).Guild War

Single Server (Guild Skirmish): All single server guild skirmish data and server champion will be cleared, and champion gear will not be kept. Corresponding rewards will be added to the Server Merge Rewards and sent to player.

Cross Server (Guild Tourney): If the server has Guild Tourney results, then the data will be kept as long as it doesn’t affect other server merge. If merged server has more than one Universe Champions, then the earlier server’s Champion will be shown as Universe Champion.

5. Combining Servers List

451~463; 464~470/479; 471~478; 480~483; 484~488/490; 491~493/489; 494~498; 499~502; 503~507; 508~511

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