Sword Art Online Server Launch Event

Time: 2018-01-03 21:35

To celebrate the hot launch of first Server of Sword Art Online, we provided amazing server launch event. Wish you all have a happy time in game.


★Event 1: Continuous Login for the Great Reward★


[Event Time] Long-Term

[Event Content] Enormous rewards are given with daily continuous login including Diamonds and Legendary Equipment.

[How to Claim] Tap “Benefits” - “Rebate” in the main page to claim the rewards



★Event 2: Daily Active Reward★

[Event Time] Long-Term

[Event Content] By achieving the active level required, player can claim the valuable pack.

[How to Claim] Tap “Benefits” - “Daily Tasks” in the main page to claim the rewards



★Event 3: First Top-Up Reward★

[Event Time] Long-Term

[Event Content] Top-up any amount to get a Giftpack worth 13800 Diamonds including Epic Weapon and Magic Ring.

[How to Claim] After top-up any amount, tap “1st Top-Up” to claim the rewards



★Event 4: Top-Up Reward×5★

[Event Time] Long-Term

[Event Content] Top-up the certain amount in the event page to get 400% Diamonds rebate. Don’t miss out!

[How to Claim] The reward is sent automatically after top-up



★Event 5: The Rebate of Accumulative Top-Up ★

[Event Time] The first 7 days starting from server launch.

[Event Content] Accumulatively top-up to the certain amount to claim the rare rewards (the Diamonds rewarded are not counted). The rare rewards are ready for you.

[How to Claim] Tap “Event” - “Total Top-Up” to claim the reward after top-up


Sword Art Online Instantfuns

★Event 6: Top-Up Ranking★

[Event Time] The first 7 days starting from server launch.

[Event Content] The players who were ranked in the list can claim the ranking rewards after the event ends.

[How to Claim] Tap “Events”— “Top-Up Rankings” to claim the rewards after event ends.



★Event 7: Rebate of Continues Top-Up★

[Event Time] Long-Term

[Event Content] The daily single top-up or accumulative top-up reaches the certain amount for each day to claim the rare rewards (the Diamonds rewarded are not counted). Get more rebates with reaching more required amount of top-ups.

[How to Claim] Tap “Events” - “Rebate” to claim the reward in the popped up page.



★Event 8: Growth Plan★

[Event Time] 1-3 days starting from server launch

[Event Content] Top-up to the certain amount to purchase Gold Growth Plan, EXP Growth Plan and Diamond Growth Plan, getting the 10x rebate in return.

[How to Claim] Tap “Town” - “Growth Plan” to claim the reward.



★Event 9: New Server Contest★

[Event Time] The first 7 days starting from server launch

[Event Content] In the seventh day, the ranking rewards in BR Contest, Gem Contest, Wings Contest, Enhancing Contest Rankings, Star Up Contest and Ring Contest are calculated. The New Server Contest Giftpack is selling in the “Events” page.

[How to Claim] Tap “Town” -“New Server Contest” to check it.



★Event 10: Daily Discount★

[Event Time] Long-Term

[Event Content] The rare equipment sells in discount with the limited chances.

Don’t miss out!

[How to Claim] Tap “Events” - “Daily Discount” to purchase.



★Event 11: Super Value Pack★

[Event Time] Long-Term

[Event Content] Spend 1 Diamond buying a pack worth 600 Diamonds.

[How to Claim] Claim it via mail after purchasing.



★Event 12: Daily Sign-In ★

[Event Time] Long-Term

[Event Content] Claim the corresponding rewards with daily sign-in. Keep doing, and get more rewards!

[How to Claim] Claim it in “Benefits” page.

Kind Reminder: The description shown here is for illustration only. The Event Time and content may vary in game.


Sword Art Online


Sword Art Online Operations Team

Sword Art Online


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